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If you would like to have a reading please contact me via phone or email to set up an appointment. 
Phone/Text: 859-536-9195
I accept payment in cash, check, and all major credit cards.  Cash is preferred.
Available Readings


15 Minute Reading

15 minute psychic medium reading with Lauren via phone/Skype.


30 minute psychic medium reading with Lauren in person or by phone/Skype:


30 Minute Reading
30 Minute Reading
45 Minute Reading

45 minute psychic medium reading with Lauren via phone/Skype or in person.


1 hour reading

One hour psychic medium reading with Lauren in person or by phone/Skype:

$ 110.00

1 hour reading
1 hour reading
1 hour reading

Past, Present & Future

Past, Present, & Future
Experiencing a past life reading is one of the most beautiful ways to understand the infinite nature of your soul.  Many of us have had numerous past lives and we carry these experiences in our soul's memory.  You can access them through regressive hypnosis and readings.  These experiences we've had can explain why sometimes when we meet a person it feels like we've known them before, or when you visit a place you've yearned to see and already know your way around without a map. Past life readings are fun and can help you tap into your soul's gifts to enrich this life. Sometimes we carry emotional, mental, and/or physical pain from our past lives into our current incarnation.  This is where a reading or hypnosis can be very healing.  Listening to a past life, feeling the truth in your soul, and experiencing memories as you listen can help you heal and grow immensely.
A reading about the present can give you insight into your current emotional, mental, and physical space.  All future readings are based on your present state and the decisions you are currently making.  Many times a reading into the future can help you understand how to change the present.  
I like to call a future reading, future possibilities, because it is ultimately up to you to create.  Before we came to this current life we designed a chart or blueprint of our life, full of lessons and obstacles we decided to overcome.  Now you are living the life you charted. 
There are aspects of the chart that are set in stone, but there is lateral movement as well.  For example, if you were supposed to get into a car crash it could be anything from a small bump to a huge accident.  By elevating your spirituality through positive thought, prayer, and meditation you can activate a less devastating version of your chart.  There will always be huge lessons you cannot avoid, but elevating yourself will give you the tools to learn your lessons fast and get through obstacles with less bumps and bruises.  
Preparing for a reading

Preparing for a reading


form your questions ahead of time

It's helpful to think through what you would like to receive at a reading.  Sometimes sprits will come forward to eagerly give messages and other times you will need to ask.  Do you want to connect to a loved one, your guide, your animal guide, or simply ask questions?

Focusing on these seven areas will help:

1. health, 2. social life, 3. career, 4. love life, 5. family life, 6. spirituality,

7. Finances 


bring a notepad and/or

An audio recorder

It is useful to listen to a recording or read notes from a reading so you can process the information more deeply over time.


use discernment

Like any other human being I am not 100% accurate all the time, and every medium or psychic has a different lens of experience from which they are interpreting spirit.  I pray to be an open and clear channel for whomever I'm giving a reading.  Pure knowledge for your path comes directly from your quiet moments sitting with God.  I can help deliver messages, but ultimately it is up to you to discern.  Trust yourself, and as Sylvia Browne always used to say, "Take what you want and leave the rest."

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