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Spiritual Mentorship
 Lauren McNurlen

"You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Photo By Iris Nhi

Unlike many mediums who have had an ability since they were young, I have grown into my gifts as an adult.  There are mediums on both sides of my family and I've always been empathic, but I've honed my gifts later in life.  Through prayer, asking God to guide my life, and meditation, I have developed my skills.  I can hear and see spirit as well as past lives, present, and future possibilities.  I have sought out this beautiful journey of open communication with my guides, angles, loved ones, and God to help others the way my life has been enriched.  I always ask for the white light of the holy spirit to protect me and anyone I'm reading, to ensure the spirits I'm receiving are from the holy spirit and giving God-centered loving advice. From my experience, there is great beauty with the confirmation that our journey is as eternal as our souls, we are here to learn lessons to grow closer to God, and our loved ones, guides, and angels are with us, guiding, healing, and loving from our true home of the Other Side. 

Past life readings are a specialty of mine.  I love the above quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer!  It is exactly how I view our souls.  Experiencing a past life reading is one of the most beautiful ways to understand the infinite nature of your soul.  Many of us have had numerous past lives and we carry these experiences in our soul's memory.  You can access them through regressive hypnosis and readings.  These experiences we've had can explain why sometimes when we meet a person it feels like we've known them before, or when you visit a place you've yearned to see and already know your way around without a map. Past life readings are fun and can help you tap into your soul's gifts to enrich this life. Sometimes we carry emotional, mental, and/or physical pain from our past lives into our current incarnation.  This is where a reading or hypnosis can be very healing.  Listening to a past life, feeling the truth in your soul, and experiencing memories as you listen can help you heal and grow immensely.

Like any other human being I am not 100% accurate, and every medium has a different lens of experience from which they interpret spirit.  I pray to be an open and clear channel for whomever I'm giving a reading. The purest knowledge for your path comes directly from personal quiet moments sitting with God.  I can help deliver messages, but ultimately it is up to you to discern, so I suggest you trust yourself, use what helps and leave the rest. 

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