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Lauren McNurlen

Photo By Kelly Ardito


With Lauren

I’m Lauren and I am a medium and channel for the other side. I specialize in connecting with guides, master teachers, loved ones, and angels for spiritual guidance, closure, and healing.

I believe that all parts of our life are spiritual in nature because we’re spiritual beings experiencing a human existence and that my job is to facilitate a soul-to-soul connection between those who are home on the other side and my client. While most of my work is mediumistic in nature I can also see into the possibilities life offers for direction and guidance. I look forward to connecting with you and your spirit team!


I am currently developing my Akashic Records reading skills and offering discounted readings. Click here if you’re interested! 


  • Medium

  • Channel

  • Crossing earth-bound spirits/ghosts

  • Akashic Records readings


Schedule a Reading

Readings start at 15 minutes and go up in 15 minute increments. If you would like to touch base a 30 minute reading is suggested, but for more in-depth information a 45 minute-1 hour reading is more suitable

Readings are available via phone and video call.

In-person readings are available for an extra charge due to travel, set-up time, and space rental fees. 

What People Say

I had a reading with Lauren that included everything I needed to hear and things I did not even know I needed to hear! Her booth had the most peaceful, loving energy within it and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has a wonderful disposition and caring attitude. Highly recommended!


S. Fisher

Central Michigan

My reading with Lauren was very real and spot on. I have been practicing spirituality myself so I already knew some of the things she told me, which was a confirmation on her part. Her style is very peaceful, she doesn’t rush through and stops often to ask if you have any questions. I will be getting another reading from her again and highly recommend her to anyone! I even had my daughter see her!


Central Michigan

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